1665 - 2010

  • Women's authorships
  • Men's authorships

What it shows

Rates of self-citation differ according to gender across scholarly disciplines and sub-fields. We determine the self-citation rates of men and women, per pubication. When the rates are the same for both genders, the colors in each block are split evenly in half. When men authors self-cite twice as often per publication as do women authors, then the block will be 2/3 cream and 1/3 brown.

This paper explains the methods in more detail. The browser above builds off the original gender browser.

How to use it

Click on any field to and zoom in to that field. Click on the bar on the left to move back up to higher levels of structure.


The gender browser was developed under the Eigenfactor Project at the University of Washington in collaboration with JSTOR. Those involved with the self-citation project include


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